Frequently Asked Questions


What types of NASA QuickLaunch licenses are available?
Nonexclusive License: A legal document granting intellectual property rights to an unlimited number of parties in a given field of use or geographic area

Evaluation License: A short term non-commercial license which allows use of a technology only for evaluation purposes
What is the difference between QuickLaunch and regular licensing?
QuickLaunch Licensing is limited to a special selection of NASA technologies. The turnaround time for executing a QuickLaunch license is shorter than for regular licensing. Fees and standard license terms are published, not negotiated. The QuickLaunch Portfolio of technologies does not reflect all that NASA has to offer.
Do you offer evaluation licenses?


Where can I find a full list of NASA technologies available for licensing?

Processing and Forms

Are the license application and license agreement different depending on the technologies chosen?
The format of the License Application and License Agreement are the same for all QuickLaunch items. The initial up-front fee, annual royalty and the term of the License Agreement will depend on the type of license (Nonexclusive or Evaluation) and the technologies being licensed.
How do I request a license?
With QuickLaunch, you submit an online application form. Once your License Application is approved a ready-to-sign License Agreement will be made available for download. Available sample: License Application, Nonexclusive License Agreement, Evaluation License.
How long will it take to get my license agreement?
Most License applications are processed within 7 business days. NASA Licensing Managers will then send you a Licensing Agreement.
What is the time difference to process a QuickLaunch License vs a regular NASA license?
QuickLaunch Licenses normally take less than a month from License Application approval to License Agreement execution. Regular NASA licenses may take three to nine months to execute.


What are the payment options?
You will be requested to mail a check to the appropriate NASA Licensing Manager.

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